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Become a Plasma Fibroblast Technician –
Training throughout the UK Training 
Would you like to make your clients look exceptional?
This new innovative kind of treatment is currently used to remove small moles, skin tags, fine lines, wrinkles, necklines, smoker’s lines, stretch marks, acne scars, etc. It’s a non-surgical device and technique that is used to tighten and smooth skin naturally.
Dermoplasma treatment is the best and revolutionary treatment. The results speak for themselves and the amazing thing is that the procedure is safe & requires no surgery!
✅No cutting of the skin,
✅No downtime,
✅No needles,
✅No side effects,
✅Instant and amazing results,
✅Beautiful skin without any marks after healed 🥰
CE Approved Device Manufactured in Germany with Warranty included in your training.

Training Cost – £4000